International Anti Poaching Foundation / IAPF Merchandise Support Store

International Anti Poaching Foundation Merchandise Support Store - crafted by Bent Banani

IAPF Support Store - On The Move

After 3 years, the IAPF Support Store is moving! As such we can only offer very limited sizes and colours. I trust you can help as any purchase will invaluably assist IAPF anti-poaching units across Africa as they work tirelessly to protect endangered wildlife and create greater awareness of the anti-poaching movement.

Since 2010, Bent Banani has offered our services to the IAPF and we only dispatch orders every few days, packaged by very helpful volunteers. We greatly appreciate your support but ask that you understand we are not a giant retail outlet thus may not have your size or colour of your preferred product.

Damien and the IAPF thank you for your support.